Camp Bestival / Little Funky Choir UPDATE

It’s been exactly a month since I blogged about filming the fantastic Little Funky Choir and their performance of “Milkman of Human Kindness” at Lulworth Castle for Camp Bestival.

Within the past month the video has racked up some rather nice stats:

  • 7937 YouTube views – 2796 of those occurring on the first day of its upload
  • 71 YouTube Likes and 15 Favourites
  • 3911 Facebook post views

The video was featured on the NME website  

NME - Camp Bestival & Funky Little Choir

Mr Billy Bragg, himself, tweeted the video & complimented the Little Funky Choir with some words of human kindness

Billy Bragg tweets

In fact, overall, it seems to have been rather well received:

YouTube comments

YouTube comments

Specific outcomes for the Funky Little Choir themselves have been:

  • numerous requests by other choirs for the arrangement of the song
  • FLC details passed onto Radio 4 management (fingerscrossed they get some radio play)

For me the most important aspect of this video is that Content Is King; this was a quick turnaround video and I could have produced a better one with more time, but ultimately, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the act of immortalising talent (and stories) via the use of video & then enabling the ability to share this with everyone and anyone on the internet.

Many good things came out of this, and that’s why I love being in this industry!


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