Another Night’s Filming with Alex Durham

On the weekend of 12th & 13th January, the lovely Mr Alex Durham shot his first short film entitled ‘Another Night’.
He asked me to be his 1st AD.
I hated working with him on my film so I respectfully declined.
This is a blog post about how he twisted my arm and wasted my time.

Another Night Script

Of course, I am kidding.

Alex is a very thoughtful scriptwriter and knowing I was going to see the emotions he penned to paper (or typed to screen) come to life was an exciting prospect.
But ultimately, being part of his first film was something I just couldn’t miss!

Based on the variable strength of the human will once outnumbered and tossed around the ring by lust and temptation, we spent all of the Saturday filming with only Alex’s lead actor,¬†Kevan Johnson.
A relatively unknown actor (at the moment), Kevan’s performance all weekend was thorough and consistent, but what impressed me the most was his attitude to himself and to his acting. He was very aware of his voice and his cockney accent, and whilst recording his VO, he was meticulous regarding the pronunciation of certain words to avoid the typecast of sounding like a common young London male.

I understand his concerns but seeing how hard Kevan worked all weekend and the emotion he can radiate from such an internal,¬†minimalist¬†performance, I really don’t think he has anything to worry about. Watch out for this guy!

Another Night Filming - Kevan Johnson on set

Alex’s lead female, Sasha, is another diamond in the rough.
There’s something about her that makes her so likeable, yet you know that you shouldn’t mess with her. It’s quite a dichotomy that I think she’ll be able to use to her advantage for many roles in the future.

More than anything, working on this film has rejuvenated my love for being on a film set.
After working on my own film last year, I felt I needed a break from the intensity.
The cramped environment littered with creative bodies; the seeming chaos that’s created by these individuals that then unifies as a single unit of force almost as if by a magnetic attraction, all of it creates a pressure-cooker of craziness that I wasn’t sure I was ready for again.
Then the weekend happened, and now I’m craving it all over again.

I met some new people who I want to work with in the future, and worked with familiar faces such as the ever-incredible, Mr Tom Oswin.

And overall, the biggest congratulations goes to Alex himself who can now officially call himself a “filmmaker”.
He’s earned it.
I know he felt a helluva lot of pressure for many reasons, but if I hadn’t of known that beforehand I’m not sure I would have been able to tell.
He brought the bounce, and he brought the fun.
He’s going to have a great future as both a scriptwriter and a director, and I hope I get to stand beside him for much of his adventures in the future.

Another Night Filming - Bringing the fun

Another Night Filming - Alex enjoying the wrap

Another Night Filming - Alex actually working


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