An Audio Interview with Sarita ‘Frit’ Tam

Well … this was rather unexpected to say the least.

On 20th November 2012, a friend of mine, Nas Hoque, asked if she could interview me for one of her University modules.
Her assessment brief was to create a 3 minute piece on someone who lives in Brighton and, in her own words, she “thought it would be interesting to ask [me], since [I] would like to be director and have recently made a film”.

Who could say no??

I was actually a little hesitant initially, purely because I was sure there was a far better person than little ol’ me to interview.
But as Nas is currently studying Media Practice at Sussex Uni with the intention of moving into Film and TV, her and her course tutor thought it appropriate to interview someone also involved in similar realms.


So along she came with her  Marantz recording device and Sennheiser K6 mic and proceeded to ask me the following questions:

  • Can you introduce yourself, what you currently do and what your objective is in the future?
  • What are the reasons that aspire you to be a film director?
  • Have you directed any recent film projects?
  • Was your recent film projects filmed in Brighton and if not why did you decide to use a different location? And do you ever do any filming in Brighton?
  • Can you explain why you moved to Brighton?
  • Why did you decide to go for a Brighton based job rather than in London? 
  • Can you explain to me if your move to Brighton has made any impact in pursing your career as a director?
  •  What do you think of the future for films and film-making in Brighton?

I have to admit, prior to receiving her questions, I hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about some of these topics, so this interview gave me a lot to think about afterwards.

It also cemented my decision to move to Brighton as the right decision.
At the time of moving, I had the mentality of ‘if this doesn’t work, I can at least move back in with my parents’.
But Brighton has provided me with an environment that I craved whilst living in Bournemouth; a faster paced lifestyle full of creative ongoings, and crammed with lovely people. I know now that moving to Brighton has helped me achieve my ambition of making films.

Overall, I think Nas did superbly well.
Not only conducting the interview and asking for variations of answers to provide flexibility in the edit (smart!), but also in post-production. We had a barrage of sirens, seagulls and what seemed like argumentative couples all providing us with a less than perfect audio backdrop.
Nas did a great job at editing the interview to eliminate these elements and fulfil the requirements of somewhat tedious Brighton-related comments, whilst condensing it down to within the time limit.

Nas got a result of 72 (a first) for this project, so not only am I flattered that she asked me to do the interview in the first place, I’m also massively relieved that I didn’t fluff it up for her.

Thank you Nas.
And everyone else, be gentle with your reviews … for my sake.


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