Nat Wright’s First Public Talk

Following on from the Highcliffe Castle Christmas Concert, I was rushed back to Brighton the following day to film my friend, Nat Wright’s first ever public talk at the Brighton Social Media Meetup.

Speaking about The Tipping Point and how it can be used for your own digital marketing campaigns, you wouldn’t think it was her first time.
Knowing Nat and her personality, the thing I loved the most about her talk was that she was just herself throughout.
The Homeland and Breaking Bad examples, the hoody gripping on by its fingertips to her shoulders, the casual banter with members of the audience. Nat made everyone feel at ease with relatable material whilst dosing us with useful information, and that’s something I think many experienced speakers lack these days.

Nat doing her thing.

Nat doing her thing.

Filmed on my 7D with the Samyang 35mm, I’m so glad I had this lens!
It was incredibly dark in the basement of The Globe pub in Brighton so the ability to stop down as far as 1.4 was super handy.

However, the audio – recorded simply on a Rode VideoMic Pro – leaves a lot to be desired! The heating system/projector hum, the music from upstairs, it’s all rather dire in my opinion. For future talks, I’ll be splashing out a bit for a radio mic hire.

At the very least, Nat is still audible and the content of her talk is the most important aspect of this video.
I hope she lets me film her next talk, with a radio mic to hand.

To check out more about Natalie Wright, take a gander at her Website and Twitter.
Also check out Brighton Social Media for their next meetup in 2013.


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