• Hi, I’m Frit.

    Currently I like cinematography involving flags, kale, Dogwoof and country music.
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Camp Bestival / Little Funky Choir UPDATE

An update of the success that the Milkman Of Human Kindness video has had one month on.


BVE 2013 / The Toy Shop and I

How BVE 2013 released the inner child in me and allowed me to be just have a good time!

Billy Bragg’s Funky Little Choir

Camp Bestival + The Little Funky Choir + Billy Bragg + Lulworth Castle = amazing job.

Another Night’s Filming with Alex Durham

This guy, Alex Durham, makes his first short film and I have the privilege of being a part of it. It’s an awesome thing to be a part of ‘firsts’.

An Audio Interview with Sarita ‘Frit’ Tam

On 30th November, Nas Hoque interviewed me about Brighton and filmmaking. SPOILERS: I sound like a ponce.

Nat Wright’s First Public Talk

Friend and digital expert, Natalie Wright, did her first ever public talk in December 2012 on the Tipping Point. Homeland and Breaking Bad spoilers included!

A Castle and a Female Vocal Ensemble

Filming the superb La Nova Singers Christmas Concert at Highcliffe Castle was a day of firsts in many ways!

Save The Planet And Look Cool

Love the company, love the product, and they love the planet!