• Hi, I’m Frit.

    Currently I like cinematography involving flags, kale, Dogwoof and country music.
NME - Camp Bestival & Funky Little Choir

Camp Bestival / Little Funky Choir UPDATE

An update of the success that the Milkman Of Human Kindness video has had one month on.

Canon 1DC Ice Sculpture

BVE 2013 / The Toy Shop and I

How BVE 2013 released the inner child in me and allowed me to be just have a good time!

"Welcome to my crib"

Billy Bragg’s Funky Little Choir

Camp Bestival + The Little Funky Choir + Billy Bragg + Lulworth Castle = amazing job.


Another Night’s Filming with Alex Durham

This guy, Alex Durham, makes his first short film and I have the privilege of being a part of it. It’s an awesome thing to be a part of ‘firsts’.


An Audio Interview with Sarita ‘Frit’ Tam

On 30th November, Nas Hoque interviewed me about Brighton and filmmaking. SPOILERS: I sound like a ponce.

Nat doing her thing.

Nat Wright’s First Public Talk

Friend and digital expert, Natalie Wright, did her first ever public talk in December 2012 on the Tipping Point. Homeland and Breaking Bad spoilers included!

Entrance way of Highcliffe Castle.

A Castle and a Female Vocal Ensemble

Filming the superb La Nova Singers Christmas Concert at Highcliffe Castle was a day of firsts in many ways!


Save The Planet And Look Cool

Love the company, love the product, and they love the planet!